Acrylic sandblasting

Acrylic sandblasting is a treatment technique, which is based on blasting of small particles of abrasive (such as corundum sand, sand) onto the material surface.

The result is a roughening of the surface of the material, which leads to dulled look of the surface.

We offer sandblasting of acrylic and other plastics and materials in out portfolio.

We use sandblasting of acrylic for:

  • Sandblasting of logos and images on products
  • Edge surface treatment, veneers
  • Modifications and matting of uneven surfaces, such as pipes

Sandblasted plate - used as a stand for taps.

Butt joints gluing
Gluing at 45°

Acrylic sandblasting technology

We use a spacious sandblasting cabinet. The maximum dimension of blasted material can be up to 1160 x 600 mm.

Butt joints gluing

Sandblasting cabinet

Gluing at 45°

Abrasive material for sandblasting