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CNC laser cutting and engraving of plastics, laser cutting of acrylic

Laser cutting is a relatively accurate, clean and efficient method of cutting sheet materials (e.g. acrylic - Plexiglas).

We have a large-area laser for non-metallic materials.

We offer laser cutting of Plexiglas.

CNC vypalování plastů

CNC laser cut materials:

Laser cutting advantages:

  • Perfectly clean and precise cut
  • Machining without direct tool to workpiece contact
  • Possibility to produce dimensionally complex shapes
  • Wide range of plate non-metallic materials
  • Possibility of surface engraving of materials
  • Precision and speed of production

Demonstration of Plexiglas lasering on CNC laser:

Laser engraving of Plexiglas, laser marking

Laser marking or engraving can be applied to all materials, including Plexiglas and other non-metallic materials we process. It is an effective method of embossing desired shapes (or logos), where the laser beam describes a vector with reduced power or performs a flat engraving.

  • Surface engraving - laser description of the entire inner surface of the laser object
  • Contour engraving - drawing the lines of the engraved object (cheaper way of marking)

Engraved logo:

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