Plastic and 3D inscriptions

Plastic letters and 3D letters

Acrylic laser cut letters or full inscriptions serve as modern and elegant advertisement. Labeling with plastic inscriptions (often also 3D inscriptions) is frequently used technique of company or shop labeling and their local promotion, mainly used in exteriors. This type of labeling is widespread on the market both non-lit plastic inscriptions or illuminated advertising inscriptions.

Acrylic (PMMA) is suitable for forming and use in advertising industry because of its features. Acrylic can be machined relatively easily and very effective inscriptions, lit ads, banners or laser cut letters can be produced.

Transparent acrylic is used in advertising industry so it can be illuminated with LED diodes or with different light source. Following inscriptions can be made of acrylic:

  • Laser cut letters of simple materials 3-10mm thick (most frequent acrylic).
  • Glued channel letters - channel letters are mainly glued of materials 3mm thick, 50mm deep and hollow. Hollow inside space is used to accommodate light source.
  • Wide acrylic letters routing. Prior routing acrylic parts get glued together. Different colors and thicknesses are glued.

Final look of the item is based on surface treatment - polishing, powder coating, polyurethane spraying, acrylic paint.

Channel letters

As channel letters we mark letters made of 3mm thick material which is glued up to a 3D object shape. Such letters bear specific depth (typically 50mm) and are hollow on the inside. This inside space can be used for wiring and LED illumination fitting. We are able to produce any size or font of channel letters according to our client's needs.