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Sculptural lettering, milled inlaid letters

Sculptural letters and inlaid inscriptions

CNC machining (laser or milling) of letters or entire signs made of Plexiglas is a modern and elegant way of creating advertisements. Marking embossed and inscribed lettering is a frequently used method for marking companies or shops and their local promotion. These are non-illuminated plastic signs, or illuminated advertising signs.

In the advertising industry, opal plexiglass (milky) is often used, light permeable so that it can be illuminated by LEDs or other light sources. We use Plexiglas to create the following signs:

  • Laser-printed fonts made of simple materials with a thickness of 3-20 mm (i.e. commonly available Plexiglas)
  • Inlaid lettering - letters that are inserted into a box containing a light source
  • Milling of letters from different types of material, for example, also from aluminium

Demonstration of the production of plastic inscriptions and inlaid letters:

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