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Plexiglas covers - model covers

Acrylic shields

We specialize in the production of plexiglass model covers, display cases, plexiglass boxes and a wide range of different production modifications.

Covers are normally made of clear or smoked Plexiglas (cover turntable cover, model cover, dust cover, diorama cover, plexibox) or clear polycarbonate (machine covers, production line covers, switchboard covers). We produce covers glued, bent or a combination of bending and gluing. The covers can also be laser or laser engraving of logos and lettering.

Types of manufactured Plexiglas covers

Glued shields

Bended covers

  • front, lid, back - bent
  • sidewalls glued

Screwed covers

  • The cheapest way to assemble the cover without glue
  • The cover is assembled by the customer using connecting segments
  • The cover can be unfolded and folded repeatedly

Supports for Plexiglas covers

We produce bases of various materials and colours for Plexiglas covers as standard. The usual way of attaching the plexiglass cover to the plexiglass base is based on the method of half-rails or by means of connecting segments.

Materials used for the production of bases for covers:
  • Foamed PVC white, thickness 10 mm, 19 mm, 30 mm
  • Plexiglas black 5 mm, 8 mm or 10 mm thick
  • Opal Plexiglas 5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 15 or 30 mm thick
  • Clear Plexiglas 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 20 mm thick

Gallery of Plexiglas covers

Plexiglas cover clear, Plexiglas diorama box

clear acrylic shield

Clear Plexiglas covers serve as protection for sensitive and rugged objects from dust and mechanical damage. They are therefore suitable as a replacement for cracked turntable covers, as well as as architectural model covers, cover models, diorama covers, or as cake covers and other foodstuffs. We produce the following types of covers:

  • glued
  • bent
  • screwed covers

Turntable cover, tape recorder cover

Polycarbonate covers, polycarbonate boxes

polycarbonate protective shield

Polycarbonate covers are used in places where there is a risk of Plexiglas is likely to crack for some reason due to the brittleness of the material. Typically, these covers are therefore are used as protective covers, especially as machine covers and machine parts and covers for industrial equipment. Polycarbonate covers can be:

  • milled, laser cut
  • bent by local annealing
  • bent flat in a tempering furnace

Machine covers and accessories:

Glued shields

Glued shields can be joint using various gluing techniques. It depends on budget and glued joint cleanliness requirements.

Glued joints types:

  • one component adhesive gluing
  • bonding with two-component adhesive (no visible bubbles)

Shield price

Prices of shields are individual based on dimensions and complexity of desired design.If you have not found the price of the product you want, please send us your inquiry to our email address.

Possible shield shapes:

  • house-like
  • cubes
  • block

Plexiglas covers with printing or coating (coloured cover)

The production of covers made of coloured shades of materials seems to be very interesting. Covers made of transparent coloured Plexiglas can be used to modulate the colour of the light, and it is also possible to integrate coloured covers into the overall composition of the space. The colour effect can also be achieved by the appropriate use of prints.

Shields with printings

Plexi covers in practice

Acrylic shields

  • Architectural model cover
  • Diorama cover
  • Turntable cover, turntable cover
  • Cassette recorder cover, tape recorder cover
  • Covers for matchbox models
  • Architectural model cover
  • Covers of model railways
  • Covers for modelling objects
  • Plexibox, plexi box, plexi boxes
  • Dust cover
  • Protective plexi cover

Plexiglas display cabinets

  • Covers for models: aircraft, ships, cars, glove covers, etc.
  • Lego covers, lego cover
  • Framing of objects (daggers, knives)
  • Clothing framing (jersey framing)
  • LP record tray, LP record binders
  • Box for LP records
  • Framing the artwork
  • 3D printer cover
  • Light cover
  • Screwed covers

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