Acrylic shields

Acrylic shields

Shields are made with respect to their purpose either of acrylic (e.g. gramophone shields, model shields) or polycarbonate (machinery shields). We use techniques of bending, gluing or their combination. Dimensions according to your needs, prices vary based on dimensions, thickness and type of material, eventually type of glued joint. You can also have your logo or inscription engraved on the shield.

Acrylic shield clear

clear acrylic shield

Clear acrylic shields are used as dust and mechanical protection of delicate rugged items. They are suitable as replacement of cracked gramophone shields, further as architectural model shields, model shields or cake displays and other food products. We produce following types of shields:

  • bent
  • glued
  • combined

Gramophone shield

We offer custom made shields according to our customers' specific criteria and gramophone dimensions. Options of supplied gramophone shields:

  • Shield is fully glue joint, glued up of 5 parts
  • Shield has two bends, face and rear part are bent and only sidewalls are glued (see attached pictures). This is most common type of gramophone shield.
  • Face part is bent in less than 90° angle, so shield is sloping front to back. Back side is bent or glued, sidewalls are glued.

Samples of gramophone shields:

Polycarbonate shields

polycarbonate protective shield

Polycarbonate shields are used in applications where is for any reason a chance of acrylic rupture because of material delicacy. Typically are these shields used asprotective shieldsespecially asmachinery shields machinery component shields and industrial equipment shields. They are therefore suitable for outdoor use. Polycarbonate shields can be:

  • glued
  • hot bent
  • cold bent

Machinery shields:

Glued shields

Glued shields can be joint using various gluing techniques. It depends on budget and glued joint cleanliness requirements.

Glued joints types:

  • one component adhesive gluing
  • two component adhesive gluing, with agovit
  • 190 two component adhesive butt joint gluing

Shield price

Prices of shields are individual based on dimensions and complexity of desired design.If you did not find price for your desired product send us inquiry on ouremail address.

Possible shield shapes:

  • house-like
  • cylinder
  • block

Colored shield

Very interesting is colored shields production. Shield from transparent colored acrylic can be used for light color modulation. It is also possible to integrate colored shields in overall space composition. Color effect can be also achieved with appropriate printing on shield.

Shields with printings