Light advertising

Light panel, one sided light box, light box

LED illuminated advertising

We produce double sided and one sided light boxes, light panels and light boxes. These are ideal for outdoor promotion and visualization of your company or shop. In light advertising production we combine high performance LED modules and acrylic with various transparency. This enables us to create interesting light effects and patterns. We also secure design, production and installation of light advertising. In cooperation with our partners we supply light panels and light boxes including wiring, support structures and structural frames as well as their acrylic parts. We also supply control modules so you can set light on/off timing.

Light panels design

Light panel are typically of rectangular or square shape. They can also match shape and pattern of customer logo (or logotype). A few examples of such panels can be seen in our gallery:

Light signs

LED illuminated light signs

We produce light letter signs such as one sided light boxes (wall mounted) and double sided light sign boards (space mounted). For production of illuminated advertising we use combination of high luminous LED modules and acrylic with various light transmittance. We are able to secure design, production and also installation of light and illuminated signs and sign boards.

LED diodes illumination

Average lifetime LED illumination for advertising is 6 to 7 years. Besides improved lifetime compared with light tube systems there are also significant energy savings. Higher initial costs for LED technology are covered with energy savings in approx. 1 to 2 years.

Light advertising production

You are not sure how to turn your idea into reality? Do you lack time or expert skills for preparation of technical drawings? Do not hesitate to contact us - we offer initial consultation to your project for free.