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Polypropylene (PP) sale and processing

Polypropylene (PP), Polypropylene sheets

Polypropylene is characterized by excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance (stability). It is a lightweight, yet stable material that is highly toughness. Polypropylene is excellent for welding and bending.

Polypropylénové desky

Properties of polypropylene

  • High chemical resistance (suitable for tank building)
  • Use in temperature range -20 to 100°c
  • Excellent weldability (difficult to glue)
  • Almost zero absorption
  • Not susceptible to internal stresses
  • Health safety

Use of polypropylene

  • Plastic tanks
  • Polypropylene pots
  • Polypropylene covers, plastic hatches
  • Polypropylene boxes
  • Plastic catch basins

Druhy polypropylenu

Polypropylene (PP-H) - homopolymer

This grade (PP-H) is the most widely used in the chemical industry. It has excellent chemical resistance.

Characteristics of PP-H:

  • Temperature resistance 0°C - 100 (110)°C
  • Health-safe
  • Natur = white color
  • Grey RAL 7032 color

Polypropylene (PP-C)- copolymer

Polypropylene PP-C has excellent frost resistance. Compared to PP-H, it has an increased temperature resistance of -20°C to + 90(100)°C.

Characteristics of PP-C:

  • Hardiness
  • Temperature resistance -20°C - 90 (100)°C
  • Production of septic tanks, water treatment plants, sumps
  • Health-safe
  • Natur = white color
  • Grey RAL 7032 color

We process and deliver polypropylene in common plate sizes 2000 x 1500 mm, 2000 x 1000 mm., 4000 x 1500 mm. We process and deliver plates with material thickness of 2 - 40 mm.

Polypropylene modifications and processing

Polypropylene cutting and milling

We offer customized propylene sections according to customer requirements. We offer the sale of polypropylene sheets with standard dimensions of 1000 x 2000 mm. We also offer shape processing based on your documents and drawings.

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