Polypropylene (PP) sale and processing

Polypropylene (PP), Polypropylene sheets

Polypropylene is characterized by excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance (durability). It is lightweight and durable material with high stiffness. Polypropylene can be easily welded and bent. A disadvantage here is more difficult machining.

Basic properties:

  • High chemical resistance (suitable for tank building)
  • Excellent welding properties between 0 °C and 115 °C
  • Excellent welding properties
  • Health safety

We sellpolypropylene sheets in dimensions of 2000mm x 1000mm and various thicknesses from 1mm to 50 mm.

Polypropylene (PP-H)

Available color shades PP-H:

  • Natur = white color
  • Grey RAL 7032 color

Polypropylene (PP-C)

Polypropylene PP-C provides high frost resistance. It is used in chemical industry and construction for wastewater treatment plants, septics, sumps and pits.

Available color shades PP-C:

  • Natur = white color
  • Grey RAL 7032 color

Polypropylene modifications and processing

Polypropylene cutting and milling

We offer custom polypropylene cuttings according to your specific requirements. We sell polypropylene sheets in standard dimensions of 1000mm x 2000mm. We do custom shaping and forming based on your drawings, designs and other requirements.

Polypropylene bending and forming

Polypropylene bending and forming is usually conducted with pre-finished mold which secures angular precision of bent material. We also offer contact bending of industrial plastics. Common lead time for such items is 2-3 weeks.

Polypropylene welding

Polypropylene parts gluing is possible. However, it is rather challenging. Such joints are relatively unstable with most of adhesives. For most projects polypropylene hot weldingis applied. This technology provides sufficient stiffness, flexibility and durability of the joint. We offer polypropylene welding in our shop for unmatched prices.