Sales support items

Goods and services promotion

Sales support items also marked as POP and POS. This is production of notorious stands, advertising banners, promotional banners. We can design and produce atypical displays, stands, booths, merchandise holders etc. Standard products in our portfolio are:

Stands and brochure holders

Suitable for leaflet or brochure distribution or to highlight special offers and sales. We supply various standard dimensions.

Display cases, racks and shelves

For simplicity in organizing and appropriate presentation of your products.

Design stands

For eye catching product displays particularly shop window product presentations.

Custom manufacturing

Most of our products are custom made - dimensions, color and design are defined by clients.

Contact us with your inquiry - we offer free e-mail or phone consultation of your project.

Price quotation

Prior to contract confirmation we will always send you a complete price calculation for free. Price calculation is usually prepared within next business day.

If you did not find price for your desired product send us inquiry on ouremail address.

Promotional products manufacturing

Most of our products can bear your logo or be branded so it can serve as a luxury promotional item.

Gravity defying wine bottle stand

Acrylic gravity defying wine bottle stand is decorative and highly esthetic. It is made of clear 20mm thick material which gets diamond polished to supreme optical gloss.

Photo lamination and tombstone manufacturing

Photos can be laminated between two acrylic plates. This sort of lamination is a perfect design element. Photo lamination requires two plates 12mm to 15mm thick. Actual required thickness depends on photo size. Important is that the laminated photo is made using classical method. Digital printing can not be laminated.