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PET polyesters (APET), PET-G

PET material is a polyester characterized by relatively high density. PET is produced as an AMORPHIC (A-PET) or SEMICRYSTALIC thermoplastic.

PET-G and A-PET plates are characterized by high impact toughness (even at temperatures below freezing) and resistance to contact with chemicals. They are low flammable and can be used in contact with foodstuffs. The plates can be easily cold bent, laser and cutter cut, sheared, bent under hot. A cool feature is the excellent deep hot drawing, which allows seamless creation (molding) of a wide variety of 3D objects.

Amorphic PET (A-PET) is characterized by high transparency, poorer slip and mechanical properties (tensile strength).

Semicrystalline PET is characterized by high stiffness, strength, excellent sliding properties and wear resistance.

Is the material of PET (A-PET) and PET-G the same? NONE. PET and PET-G are not the same. What is the difference?

PET-G - it is a glycol-modified PET material. Modifications of PET material facilitate the processing of polyester for the intended final product (production by injection moulding, blow moulding, hot forming, etc.)

Extrudované desky PET

Trademarks of PET plates:

  • HIPEX® G
  • Gripen

PET (APET), PETG plate formats:

  • 1250 x 2050 mm
  • 2050 x 3050 mm

PET processing

  • PET milling
  • PET lasering
  • Hot bending
  • Cold bending
  • PET formatting

We provide sales of PET-G and A-PET materials and custom processing.

Uplatnění materiálu PET:

  • clipframes
  • poster protection
  • shop equipment, shelves, panels
  • machine guards

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