Dome and sphere blowing

Spheres, balls, domes, lenses

Acrylic is thermoplastic. This feature is taken advantage of in acrylic blowing. Blowing is conducted exclusively with cast acrylic. With this material shapes can be blown with our machinery.:

  • acrylic lenses
  • acrylic domes
  • acrylic balls (connection of two spheres)

Acrylic spheres production

We supply spheres and lenses with rim (see picture) or without rim. Sphere diameter according to customer's specification. Prior to sphere blowing itself small mold as inside sphere diameter support must be made. We can produce sphere diameters between 50mm and 10000mm. Material thickness is 3-8mm. Maximum diameter achievable in our shop is 1850mm. Material thickness is always smaller on top of sphere than at the rim.

Spheres, domes (lenses) can be connected into ball. Seams are visible and for greater stiffness adhesive or bolts are used to connect together two spheres on the rims.

Acrylic spheres and lenses:

Sphere prices depend on dimensions (diameter), material thickness and number of pieces. Send us your inquiryfor more information.