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Production of hemispheres and lenses

Plexiglas hemispheres, domes, lenses, canopies of different colours

Plexiglas is a thermoplastic. This property is used in blowing Plexiglas. Our many years of experience in the field of plexiglass blowing have enabled me to streamline the method using new formulations to achieve regular geometric shapes of the product with respect to competitive price and high surface quality of the product. With the above technology we produce the following products:

  • plexiglass lenses, canopies
  • acrylic domes
  • plexiglass domes or plexiglass cupolas
  • acrylic balls (connection of two spheres)
  • Plexiglas skylights

Acrylic spheres production

Both hemispheres and lenses are available with or without hem. The diameter of the hemisphere is according to the customer's request. We are able to blow diameters from 50 mm to 1000 mm, the thickness of the material used in the blowing is 3-8 mm. The thickness of the material is always less at the top than the hem material.

Spheres, domes (lenses) can be connected into ball. Seams are visible and for greater stiffness adhesive or bolts are used to connect together two spheres on the rims.

Examples of clear plexiglass hemispheres and lenses

Opal plexiglass domes, product stands

Opal plexiglass domes, product stands

The prices of hemispheres depend on the size of the hemisphere (diameter), the thickness of the material and the number of pieces. For more information please send an inquiry.

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