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Composite plates, aluminium sandwich plates, bonded plates

Bond plates, aluminium composite panels

Bond boards (also called composite panels, aluminium sandwich or bond) are a composite material made up of polyethylene (PE) or mineral, core, which is covered on both sides with an aluminium sheet of a certain thickness.

The surface of the aluminium sheets is further treated with high quality lacquers of various colours and shades, thanks to which the material faithfully imitates various types of metals. However, the polyethylene core makes the material significantly lighter than metal parts, yet strong and durable.

A very common and popular type of material is brushed material with a silver surface colour.

We sell sheets in sizes of 1500mm x 3050 mm, 1220mm x 3050mm, 2000mm x 3050mm and 2mm, 3mm or 4mm thick. Aluminium sandwiches are available in silver, white, black, red or brushed stainless steel (also Butlerfinish).

Kompozitní (sendvičové) panely

We sell and develop trademarks:

  • ACP Bond
  • Dibond
  • Debond
  • ZenitBond
  • Omnibond
  • Reynobond

Composite boards in practice:

  • Light advertising
  • Promotional boxes
  • Navigation signs
  • Information system
  • Orientation systems
  • Ejectors (lights)
  • Plates for direct printing or coating

Processing of aluminium panels:

  • Bond cutting for specific dimensions, custom cutting
  • Routing (letter shaping, cutouts and other shapes)
  • Bending of aluminium sandwiches under milling

Example of aluminium panel processing:

Custom made aluminium sandwich

We provide sale and cutting of bondo to measure. The bond materials are sold in sheets (usually 1500 x 3050 mm). We also offer milling and bending material. We are usually able to produce small batches of bondo cuttings at our facility on a call out basis.

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