Plastics milling and engraving, plastics shape forming

Acrylic milling

Acrylic milling provides precise acrylic shaping and production of complex designs and patterns. Milling machine has capability of wide range of materials machining including plastics milling, polycarbonate, PVC or ABS. Literally in few minutes we are able to create desired shape, e. g. channel letters back panels or plastic inscriptions. As of now we are able to process most of available sheet materials up to 1800mm x 1200mm.

Plastics milling advantages:

  • even materials that can not be laser cut can be milled
  • technologically better edge quality (compared to laser cutting)
  • optionally more complex shapes and details

Acrylic milling on CNC milling machine:

Acrylic engraving

For acrylic engraving a milling cutter is usually used. Material gets parted or machined up to specific depth. Both methods work with common chip machining. We also offer acrylic laser engraving

Our machinery enables us to engrave plastics, polycarbonates, PVC and other non-ferrous materials. Engraved elements are also part of our promotional items serie.

Engraved logo: