Display cases

Plastic showcases

Plastic showcases very often serve as appropriate replacement of classical glass or wooden showcases. Acrylic showcases are versatile and esthetic. Acrylic provides improved impact resistance and in case of rupture there is no shattering compared to glass. It is therefore convenient and safe for spaces with presence of children. It is at the same time much lighter so the risk in case of falling is reduced. Mounting requirements are also lower for lower weight.

Plastic showcase production

In showcases production we use combination of two component acrylic adhesive gluing and acrylic bending. We can supply clear acrylic hinges and hasp for smaller dimensions. We use metal hardware for greater dimensions.

We are able to design proper size, thickness and material type for your highlighted product. We provide consulting regarding choice of adequate technology for plastic showcases.

Our showcases are mainly used as:

  • model showcases
  • Collectors showcases
  • exhibition showcases
  • counter tops
  • protective shields

Standard showcases

Based on our customers' requirements we developed a number of standard plastic showcases. More info can be found in our eshop plastic showcases.

Model showcases

All collectors and modelers are proud of their successes. We developed a special edition of wall mounted collection showcases, plastic cabinets, shields and holders mainly dedicated for affordable collection presentation.

Colored sidewalls can be applied optionally (in order to match with interior of your premises) and illumination or lighting can be added, e. g. LED stripes.

Samples of showcases in our gallery below:

Price of plastic showcase depends on product size, material thickness and applied technology. Your actual price can be obtained as a reply to your price inquiry.

Plastic shields

Many customers ask for showcases, covers and boxes for small car models, weapons, knives or other decorative items. You can find more details regarding such production here: acrylic shields.

Gluing and bending

Bent showcases generally look more esthetic than glued ones. Good is combination of bent front part with glued sidewalls.