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Plexiglas display cases, plexiglass boxes

Plastic display cases and boxes

Plastic (Plexiglas) display cabinets are in many cases a suitable substitute for glass display cabinets or display cabinets combining wood and glass. Plexiglas display cabinets are functional and aesthetic. Plexiglas is more resistant to impact, and in the event of breakage, it does not produce dangerous shards like glass. At the same time, plexiglass is also significantly lighter, so especially in the case of fixing, the risk of falling or the anchoring requirements are significantly lower.

Plastic showcase production

In the production of display cases, we most often use a combination of gluing with one-component acrylic adhesive + acrylic bending. In the case of production of smaller sizes, we are able to provide Plexiglas clear hinges, box lock, magnets, or Plexiglas latches and stops. For larger sizes we use metal accessories.

Use of plexiglass display cases:

  • model showcases
  • Collectors showcases
  • exhibition showcases
  • counter tops
  • protective shields
  • vines for dioramas
  • plexibox, plexi boxes
  • Mobile phone and tablet display case

Display cases for models, plexibox

All collectors and modelers are proud of their successes. We developed a special edition of wall mounted collection showcases, plastic cabinets, shields and holders mainly dedicated for affordable collection presentation.

Showcase for dioramas

We have been producing display cases (or covers) for dioramas since the beginning of our existence. We offer a wide selection of sizes of showcases, colours of materials and, if necessary, colours of bases for showcases for exhibits or dioramas.

According to our customers' requirements, we standardized several sizes of plexiglass dioramas and placed them on our online store.

Examples of different types of showcases:

Polycarbonate boxes

Plastic shields

Many customers ask for showcases, covers and boxes for small car models, weapons, knives or other decorative items. You can find more details regarding such production here: acrylic shields .

Gluing and bending

Bent showcases generally look more esthetic than glued ones. Good is combination of bent front part with glued sidewalls.

Technical Advisor

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