Acrylic and plastics gluing

Acrylic gluing and bonding is permanent connection of acrylic parts together using chemical substance which temporarily disrupts plastics structure and creates rigid joint once it dries up. We offer both flat bonding (material sheet stratification) and more common edge gluing.

Acrylic gluing techniques:

Butt joints gluing

Butt joints gluing

Gluing at 45°

Gluing at 45°

One component adhesive gluing

It is most common gluing technique. Thin adhesive is applied on desired joint where it penetrates onto both surfaces. Eventhough it is fast gluing technique the joint contains some amount of small bubbles. We are able to largely eliminate this with our unique technology.

Two-component adhesive gluing

More complex acrylic edge gluing requires accurate preparations, experience and skills with mixing and timely adhesive application. This effort results in nice bubbleless clear joint.

UV adhesive gluing

Recently a widespread acrylic gluing technique. Adhesive is applied on desired surface and subsequently this spot is exposed to UV rays emitted by a UV lamp. This causes adhesive to harden.

Acrylic gluing prices

Our price quotations include (if not stated otherwise) butt-glued joints with one component adhesive. If you require different kind of adhesive or gluing technique you must state this in your inquiry