Sales and processing of hardened plastic ITEM.

Hardened plastic ITEM

Hardened plastic ITEM is a type of duroplastic that is permanently laminated at high pressure and temperature. This makes it highly abrasion and impact resistant . This material is particularly suitable for heavily stressed surfaces such as covers, table tops or screens.

The surface of this plastic also reduces electrostatic discharges(ESD), which makes it suitable for protecting electrostatically sensitive devices. Use in workplaces where special protective measures (EPA) are required should be tested individually.

Hardened plastic ITEM has a surface sealed with melamine resin, which ensures resistance to high temperatures and a wide range of chemicals. It can therefore also be used when exposed to:

  • laboratory and technical chemicals
  • solvents
  • disinfectants
  • color
  • bleach
  • technical oils and emulsions

Should the be exposed to specific concentrations and temperatures of chemical reagents in your application, please consult us for the suitability of this material.

Available dimensions of ITEM

The hardened plastic sheets have a dimension of 2800 x 1850 mm. We supply this material in 4 mm and 10 mm thickness. 4 mm, gray (RAL 7035) is in stock.

Hardened plastic ITEM, custom cutting

We provide sales and cutting to measure of ITEM in 4mm, gray (RAL 7035). You only pay for the material you really need.

Hardened plastic ITEM is also available in many other colors, however only gray (RAL 7035) is in stock):

  • white similar to RAL 9016
  • green similar to RAL 6011
  • red similar to RAL 3000
  • yellow similar to RAL 1003
  • blue similar to RAL 5014
  • grey similar to RAL 7030
  • grey similar to RAL 7035 (in stock)
  • black similar to RAL 9017

Hardened plastic - ITEM, antistatic (ESD)

Hardened Plastic ITEM is also available in an anti-static version (EPA compliant) that is suitable for protecting electronic components in workplaces where special protective measures are required. It is characterized by low resistivity, not only on the surface of the plate, but also in the core of the material, so the cutting surfaces have the same properties as the surface. Resistance to mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses corresponds to the standard material.

We supply this material in 4 mm and 10 mm thickness. Anti-static material is not available in stock but can be ordered within approximately 14 days. It is available exclusively in RAL 7035 color.