Leaflet holders

Acrylic brochure and leaflet holders and organizers

Wide variety of acrylic brochure holders, that can be used not only as promotional stands, but also as office organizers. These holders can be easily fitted and wall mounted or become a part of stand alone mounting panel.

Standard sizes are sizes of common paper sheet formats A4 and A5. Individual sections can be separated. Trays of standard shapes and dimensions can be freely assembled and get original designs and shapes this way.

Examples of holder use

  • Promotion brochure holders
  • Leaflet holders
  • Exhibition stands
  • Trade fair stands

Horizontal brochure holders

Holders are fabricated in our workshop, all dimensions can be custom adjusted.

If you need multiple pieces you feel free to request individual quotation. Anchors, screws and bolts are not included. Prices excl. shipping.

Brochure holder samples