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Plexiglass polishing

We offer Plexiglas polishing and grinding of other plastics. We can restore even time-darkened and significantly damaged plexiglass. We polish entire surfaces and edges. We restore and polish motorcycle shields. We polish cut edges (straight, shaped) of materials, facets, radii, surfaces, glued and transition joints, holes, grooves or half-soles, darkened turntable covers. We also polish scratches, indentations and grooves.

Applied methods of polishing acrylics:

Polishing the edges

  • Manually with flame, cloth wheel or abrasive pastes (dry and wet)
  • Mechanically using diamond tools (with natural or synthetic diamonds)

Polishing of acrylic surfaces

  • By hand, flame, rag disc or abrasive paste (dry and wet)
  • Chemically (using polishing gel)

Strojní leštění

The most common method of acrylic polishing . Special machinery ensures high gloss and quality of the processed board of material.

We polish straight edges with a special machine with in-build diamond tool (natural).

Our machinery

Our machinery

Detail of the polishing machine with working area and tool

Detail of the polishing machine with working area and tool

Polishing the edges of complex objects: We perform this with special diamond tools on a CNC milling machine (working area 3.1 x 2.1 m). These tools have a synthetic single crystal edge (PCB diamond) that achieves high gloss and quality of the polished edge.

Machining tool - monocrystalline

Machining tool - monocrystalline. Razor area 22 mm.

Flame polishing

We flame polish both the edges and surfaces of the material. Flame polishing is usually preferred for treating hard-to-reach places (polishing of grooves, half-grooves).

Flame polishing does not cause any visible traces of mechanical nature (as it is the case with mechanical polishing).

The top layer of material melts At 1850 °C and forms a clean, smooth, polished surface.

This type of polishing is fast, but the flame temperature causes considerable stress in the material. The resulting stress needs to be removed by annealing the material (tempering in the furnace) under the conditions specified by the manufacturer of the material.

Polishing device

Our machinery


Detail of the polishing machine with working area and tool

Hand polishing and chemical polishing

We perform manual polishing with special cloths or felt wheels and abrasive pastes or polishing gels.

Polishing tools, wheels

Machining tool - monocrystalline. Razor area 22 mm.

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