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Box letters, illuminated signs

Production of box letters and illuminated signs

Box letters (also 3D letters) are distinctive and highly aesthetic form of three-dimensional promotion. They are usually used as composite 3D lettering to indicate company and sales premises. Box letters are suitable for illumination with LED LEDs.

Each channel letter consists of base (shape and font) to which sidewalls are glued. Sidewall is usually 50-100 mm deep. Sidewalls for channel letters are usually made of:

  • acrylic
  • painted aluminium sheet

An economical option is to manufacture the sidewalls from painted aluminium sheet.

Together with channel letters we can supply back plates (electronics) with lighting (LED diodes).

Channel letters

crab letters are letters made made of 3 mm thick material that is glued into the shape of a three-dimensional object. The resulting letters have a certain depth (typically 50 mm) and are hollow inside. This internal space is We can then use this interior space for the connection of diodes. box font of any font font and size.