Channel letters

Channel letters manufacturing

Channel letters (also 3D letters) are remarkable and highly aesthetic form of 3D promotion. They are commonly used as 3D inscriptions to label corporate or retail spaces. Channel letters are suitable for LED illumination.

Each channel letter consists of base (shape and font) to which sidewalls are glued. Sidewall is usually 50-100 mm deep. Sidewalls for channel letters are usually made of:

  • acrylic
  • bond type material (e. g. Dibond)
  • sheet metal

Most frequent are sidewalls made of acrylic. Channel letters production is costly. It is caused by necessity of mold production for particular letters with rounded parts, e. g. „a“ or „b“.

Together with channel letters we can supply back plates (electronics) with lighting (LED diodes).

Channel letters

Channel letters are letters made of 3mm thick material and glued up into a 3D object. Such letters have specific depth (typically 50mm) and are hollow on the inside. This inner space can be used for illumination wiring and LED diodes. We are able to produce channel letters in any font and size.

Channel letters production: