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Plastic shelves

Acrylic shelves

Plastic shelves or shelves made of Plexiglas are hygienically safe, fully washable and elegant. Thanks to these favourable properties, they are also suitable for the kitchen, bathroom or medical areas, as well as children's rooms.

We are able to provide production of plastic shelves of various dimensions and material colours. We are also able to produce corner shelves, bent shelves, or shelves of other specific shapes.

Plastic bathroom shelves

We produce bathroom shelves which are designed for modern bathrooms. They are placed on the screens (glass, plexiglass and can be single-sided and double-sided of any length (standard 60 cm, 85 cm, 105 cm). They are made of clear plexiglass, on On request, they can also be made of opal or smoked Plexiglas. We produce these shelves according to exact specifications of the customer's dimensions, most often made of Plexiglas with a thickness of 6 - 8 mm. This material is then machined, glued and shaped into the desired form.

Custom made acrylic shelves

Most of our clients have some idea what dimensions and material should be used to match it with other items on their premises. We fabricate plastic shelving systems and shelves according to your specifications. With bonding of individual acrylic layers we can achieve any color effects and level of transparency. Solid shelves of one color plastics are usually much cheaper.

Most frequently used shelving systems and shelves:

  • shiny or matte opal shelves
  • dim shelves
  • clear shelves
  • shelves in pastel colors

We also offer an option of anchoring shelves with pins. The hinge is virtually invisible in colored or dim materials, but still strong enough to offer sufficient weight load capacity.

Atypical plastic shelves

We are able to produce atypical shapes according to client's fantasy.

  • arcs, waves
  • ellipses
  • complex shapes

Standard shelves

Standard shelves are expedited on next day basis. If you require custom specifications lead time depends on material availability.

Technical Advisor

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