Plastic shelves

Acrylic shelves

Plastic shelves or acrylic shelving systems are sterile, fully washable and elegant. For these positive features they can be fitted in kitchens, bathrooms, kids rooms or medical spaces.

We are able to secure plastic shelves production in various dimensions and material colors. We also produce corner shelves, bent shelves or other specific shelf types and designs.

Plastic shelves for POS systems

POS systems shelves from our shop serve businesses especially if standard supplied products do not meet customer's criteria or respect store design concept. These shelves are produced according to customer's specification. Most frequently they are made of 3-5mm thick acrylic. This material is then bent and formed in desired shape.

Custom made acrylic shelves

Most of our clients have some idea what dimensions and material should be used to match it with other items on their premises. We fabricate plastic shelving systems and shelves according to your specifications. With bonding of individual acrylic layers we can achieve any color effects and level of transparency. Solid shelves of one color plastics are usually much cheaper.

Most frequently used shelving systems and shelves:

  • shiny or matte opal shelves
  • dim shelves
  • clear shelves
  • shelves in pastel colors

We also offer an option of anchoring shelves with pins. The hinge is virtually invisible in colored or dim materials, but still strong enough to offer sufficient weight load capacity.

Atypical plastic shelves

We are able to produce atypical shapes according to client's fantasy.

  • arcs, waves
  • ellipses
  • complex shapes

Standard shelves

Standard shelves are expedited on next day basis. If you require custom specifications lead time depends on material availability.

Plastic shelves - Designum series

'Designum' series includes bestselling plastic shelves which are wall mounted on recessed pins. This makes mounting invisible, but very strong and stiff at the same time. These shelves are made of 20mm thick clear acrylic. The shelves are typically used in living rooms and interiors as well as solid shelving in bathrooms

Designum serie acrylic shelves:

Designum shelf serie informative pricelist:

Shelf dimensions Material Price CZK/pc excl. VAT
300 x 200 mm 20 mm clear acrylic 1 120,-CZK
400 x 200 mm 20 mm clear acrylic 1 251,-CZK
500 x 200 mm 20 mm clear acrylic 1 381,-CZK
600 x 200 mm 20 mm clear acrylic 1 512,-CZK

Shelves are fitted with metal pins on edges for wall mounting. Prices for other shelf dimensions available on request. Listed prices exclude shipping costs and may vary depending on current material prices.