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Plate printing, industrial printing

We offer large format printing and printing of board materials, especially printing of Plexiglas and printing of board plastics.

Printing and printing allows you to transfer any graphic motif or inscription on plexiglass and other (for example composite) plastics and is thus suitable for the creation of advertising, promotional panels and information banners.

The technology of the applied printing method (Latex printing) resists direct sunlight and has a sufficiently high resistance to abrasion.

Thanks to the ownership of this technology we are able to offer high quality printing, very balanced delivery dates based on the elimination of the use of external printing companies.

Our printer is also suitable for printing roll materials, thanks to which we can also offer coating of plexiglass and other materials.

We offer large format printing and coating of plates and roll materials

Large-format printing and plate coating

  • Printing and coating of plexiglass
  • Printing on composite plates (BOND)
  • Printing and posting of information signs
  • Manufacture of navigation systems
  • Light advertising production
  • Printing of PVC boards (Forex, Foamalux)
  • Foil printing and printing
  • Latex printing

Printing of roll materials

  • Foils and their subsequent application on board materials
  • Banners
  • Flags
  • Netting
  • Textiles
  • Canvas

Demonstration of the use of coating and printing of board materials

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