Sale and processing of extruded acrylic

Extruded acrylic (PMMA XT)

Extruded acrylic provides outstanding thickness accuracy and cheaper pricing than cast acrylic. Extrusion technology requires greater quantities to be produced. Therefore there is only limited selection of sheet types (particularly clear and opal) and a few basic colors.

Acrylic features:

Standard sheet size is 2050mm x 3050mm. Clear acrylic is made in thicknesses of 2 to 20 mm, opal sheets 2 to 6mm and colored sheets 3mm. Clear extruded acrylic provides great optical features and very light weight of 1,19 g/cm³. Sheets carry protective foil on both sides and are highly UV resistant.

We sell and custom process following high density PE material types:

  • Acrylic sheets
  • Acrylic tubes
  • Acrylic bars

Extruded acrylic treatments and machining

Extruded acrylic can be processed and machined with common techniques - cutting, milling, routing, drilling, laser cutting or waterjet cutting. Material can be bent and thermal formed, flame polished or diamond polished.

We sell extruded acrylic and custom process this material. In our portfolio you can find following custom manufactured products:

  • advertising panels
  • advertising stands
  • illuminated panels
  • glass panel replacement
  • protective shields
  • illuminated showcases
  • architecture elements

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