Polyethylene (PE) sale and processing

Polyethylene (PEHD)

Polyethylene is largely used in industrial applications thanks to combination of high durability and affordable price. Polyethylene is a polymer resistant to climatic influences and most of chemicals. It is also characterized by great mechanical durability. It is also fully health safe. For outdoor applications it provides full frost proof features, aging resistance, material degradation resistance and UV stability.

Basic properties:

  • Health safety
  • Great welding and processing features
  • Easy machining
  • Weatherproof / can be used in –50 to +70 °C
  • UV protection as standard

Sorts of polyethylene we offer:

  • PE 300 - tank, container, stack production
  • PE 500 - food processing industry
  • PE 1000 - friction and impact spots production, conveyor belts

Number in polyethylene sort describes molecular weight of material. The greater the number is the better abrasion resistance it offers. The lower the number is the easier welding and seaming is.

We sell polyethylene sheets in dimensions of 2000mm x 1000mm and in various thicknesses between 1mm and 50 mm. Among our standard products you can find black polyethylene with UV stability and white polyethylene in Natur variant.

Polyethylene forming and processing

We sell and process following PE sorts:

  • Polyethylene sheets
  • Polyethylene tubes

Polyethylene cutting and milling

We offerpolyethylene custom cuttings. We offer forming and machining according to your specifications and drawings.

Polyethylene bending and forming

Polyethylene bending and forming usually conducted with pre-finished mold. This way correct and specific angles can be achieved on bent and processed material.

Polyethylene welding

Gluing of polyethylene parts together is possible but relatively difficult and with most of available adhesives not very dependable either. In most applications is used polyethylene hot welding which secures sufficient stiffness, flexibility and durability of welded joint. We offer welding for material sold in our shop at highly competitive prices.