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Polyethylene (PE) sale and processing

Polyethylene PE

Polyethylene (also polyethylene or polyethylene) is used in a number of industrial applications, due to a combination of high chemical resistance, excellent weldability, processability and favourable price. Polyethylene is a polymer resistant to climatic influences, most common chemicals, and high mechanical resistance. Another advantage is also complete health safety. The advantage when used outdoors is the complete hardiness and resistance to aging and degradation of the material. The offered Polyethylene is UV stabilized and therefore suitable for use in outdoors

Characteristic properties of polyethylene:

  • Health safety
  • Great welding and processing features
  • Easy machining
  • UV protection as standard

Types of polyethylene)

PE300 (PE-HD)

PE300 is a high density polyethylene. The number indicates the length of the molecules in the material.
  • Temperature resistance -50 to +80°C
  • Excellent welding properties
  • Health safety
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Colour BLACK

PE500 (PE-HMW)

PE500 is a high molecular weight polyethylene. It has increased abrasion resistance.
  • Temperature resistance -100 to +80°C
  • White technical plastic containing almost no moisture
  • Suitable for the food industry
  • Colour: white (natur), black, green

PE1000 (PE-UHMW)

PE1000 is an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. It is characterized by high abrasion resistance.
  • Temperature resistance -250 to +80°
  • Low density, LIGHTER THAN WATER (floats)
  • Suitable for the production of friction and sliding segments
  • Colour: white (natur), black, green, blue, red, yellow

The number after the polyethylene designation indicates the molecular weight of the material (the length of the molecules in the material). The higher the number, the better the material's abrasion resistance properties. Conversely, the higher the number lower the easier it is to weld.

We sell polyethylene plates with dimensions 2000x1000mm, in different We offer black polyethylene with UV stabilization and white polyethylene in various thicknesses from 1 to 50 mm. Natur.

Polyethylene forming and processing

We sell and process following PE sorts:

  • Polyethylene sheets
  • Polyethylene tubes

Polyethylene cutting and milling

We offer cuts of polyethylene to measure according to customer requirements. We also offer shape processing based on your documents and drawings.

Polyethylene bending and forming

The bending and forming of polyethylene is usually done by preforming prepared mould, with which we are able to ensure the angular accuracy of the material to be bent.

Polyethylene welding

Bonding polyethylene parts together is possible, but quite difficult, and with most available adhesives also quite unreliable. In most cases, therefore, thermal bonding is used. welding of polyethylene, which provides sufficient strength, flexibility and durability of the resulting joint. We offer welding of material purchased from us at unbeatable prices.

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