Tips for proper use of acrylic

Acrylic and polycarbonate cleaning

We recommend to treat acrylic with non-alcohol based cleaning solutions. Alcohol must not come into contact with acrylic sheet surface. Eventual contact of acrylic and alcohol results in fragility and destruction of material. It can also cause matt or milk-like effects. This is in particular case of polycarbonates.

How to drill acrylic

For drilling of acrylic sheets we supply can be used any standard threaded wood drills. We recommend not to put excessive pressure on the drill and use higher (not high) revolutions.

For easier drilling it is better to adjust the drilling bit to zero angle of the drill head (marked as α in the picture), see picture below:

Drill for acrylic drilling

For drilling of deep holes or edge holes we recommend to use coolant (e. g. water) and apply frequent plastic chip removal.

How to drill polycarbonate

Polycarbonate drilling is simple. Regular drilling bit can be used. The material is stiff enough and the hole will not crack even if rough handling is applied.