Acrylic lottery draw machine

Lottery wheels and machines

We offer two basic types of mechanical lottery wheels:

  • Lottery draw machine made of clear acrylic. Entire course of lottery drawing is fully transparent.
  • Lotto machine as combination of clear and mirror acrylic. Sidewalls of lotto machine are made of clear acrylic and front part is mirror. As it revolves it glistens and reflects light which results in attractive appearance.

Aktuální cena dopravy a balení na paletu je na vyžádání či je uvedená na eshopu u každého produktu.

Lottery drawing machine (also lotto machine) consists of carrier stand and lottery wheel which is attached to the carrier stand. Lottery wheel is fitted with retractable door. Each lotto machine is equipped with encapsulated bearings that allow silent and long lasting rotation.

Lottery draw machine can be labeled with your company logo upon request.