Acrylic cutting

Acrylic laser cutting

2D Laser cutting is very accurate, clean and fast method of sheet material parting and processing. For parting there is very little cutout as well there is no waste unlike for chip machining (cutting, milling, planing). Our company disposes of Eurolaser laser cutting machine with 100W output and working area of 1,2m x 2,2m (total machinable sheet material size is 2m x 3m). We are able to laser cut acrylic up to 20mm thick.

In production we most commonly use extruded acrylic (XT). Optionally cast acrylic can be used (CAST). There is wide range of acrylic colors and shades, clear, smoke, opal or translucent material suitable for lighting, structured acrylic, anti-reflex or satin acrylic (sandblasted glass imitation). Acrylic materials provide clean and clear edge when laser cut. There is no need for further machining (e. g. edge polishing).

Laser cutting advantages:

  • perfectly clean and accurate cut, usually no need for further adjustments
  • contactless machining, no need for material clamping
  • optionally more complex shapes and details
  • wide range of non-metal sheet materials
  • option of material surface engraving
  • piece by piece or serial production

Custom made acrylic laser cutting

We sell and custom cut acrylic. You do not have to buy expensive large acrylic sheets. You only pay for as much material as you actually use. We supply wide range of materials for cutting so we can meet your requirements as to color, thickness and type. Our standard services includes edge polishing after cutting, facets, radiuses according to your specifications.

We can also work with material of your own supply. We do cuttings on next day basis.