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Plexiglas cutting (customized plate formatting)

We offer Plexiglas cutting and polycarbonate cutting (cross-section formatting) on according to the customer's requirements. Cutting of plexiglass and other plastics is carried out at our plant on demand, including possible edge treatment (polishing, matting or mechanical edge shrinkage).

For regular customers we offer the possibility of ordering the required format in advance by phone. Simply call the office and we will do the formatting before your arrival so that we do not burden you with time.

The wide range of materials offered for a wide portfolio of customers allows us to sell material in batches, so that you don't pay for the whole board, but only the part you take.

On request, we can also process the material that you supply to us.

Cutting and formatting of plastic materials

We are able to cut all types of materials (plexiglass, polycarbonate, technical plastics, composite boards, POM, etc.) on our large format saw or on a conventional format saw. Our state-of-the-art machinery enables efficient, accurate and fast cutting of the material to the required size.

Machine demonstration

Demonstration of machinery for cutting matieral

Sample saw blade

Example of a plate cutting tool

Acrylic laser cutting to measure

We offer sales and customized cutting of Plexiglas (and other plastics). For you, this means that you don't have to buy big expensive plexiglass sheets, you only pay for the surface area of the material, which you get from us you receive. We have a large enough range of material to offer you cutting of the most commonly used plastics colours, thicknesses and material types. We also polish edges after cutting, create chamfers or radii on cut Plexiglas, according to customer specifications.

Technical Advisor

Contact our experienced technical advisor to find out all about the prices and processing options for the materials listed

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