Cast acrylic sale and processing

Cast acrylic (PMMA CAST)

Acrylic glass, commonly known as acrylic has gained its popularity and importance in most applications. Most widespread is cast acrylic which is very versatile due to great color and modification variety available. That provides unlimited space for use in your projects and applications.

Cast acrylic properties

Standard sheet size is 2030 x 3050 mm, in thicknesses from 2mm to 60 mm. Clear acrylic offers outstanding light transmission features (92%), which can be compared with glass. It is also 5x more impact resistant than glass of the same thickness and very lightweight at the same time (1,19 g/cm³). Surface hardness is the best of all common plastics. Cast acrylic bears very low surface tension and is UV resistant. Sheets carry protective foil on both sides.

Cast acrylic production

We sell cast acrylic and custom process material bought in our shop. Items made of cast acrylic are mainly used in advertising, marketing, construction or exhibition industry.

Custom manufactured items for our clients include but are not limited to:

  • noise barrier walls and dividing plates
  • balcony and staircase panels
  • terrace roofing, balcony roofing
  • acrylic for balconies and balcony panels
  • acrylic boat windows, acrylic RV windows
  • acrylic windows and window panels
  • acrylic lamps, lamp shields, lighting

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Technical specifications

  Testing method Unit Value
Sheet size   mm 3050 x 2030
Density ISO 1183 g/cm³ 1,19
Rockwell hardness scale ISO 2039-2 M Scale 102
Water absorption ISO 62 % 0,2
Tensile strength ISO 527 (a) Mpa 75
Flexibility module ISO 178 (b) MPa 3210
Charpy impact strength ISO 179 (c) kJ.mˉ² 12
Elongation at break ISO 527 % 4
VICATA softening point ISO 306A ºC >110
Thermal expansion coefficient ASTM D696 X 10ˉ5 Kˉ¹ 7,7
Flammability DIN 4102   B2
  UL 94   HB
  BS 476, Pt7 Class 3
  ČSN   C3
Light transmission (clear sheet) ASTM D1003 % 92
Refractive index ISO 489/A   1,49