Advertising and information panels and signs

Information panels and signs

3D panels and signs, printing and acrylic board and sign printing

We make plastic information boards, signs and panels. These media are suitable to be attached to solid base, such as building walls, walls, fences. They can be used at exhibitions 3D boards and signs sometimes called surface boards are made with message, logo or letters attached to plastic base. This technology provides great spatial esthetic effect and greater solution dynamics. Cheaper way is digital printing technology or screen printing to place the message or information directly on acrylic base. Another option is self adhesive foil with printing on it.

Advertising panels and signs

3D panels and signs, printing and acrylic board and sign printing

Advertising panels and signs are appropriate option for presentation of important company information. We do design, manufacturing and installation of advertising boards and panels. We specialize in 3D advertising panels and signs manufacturing from acrylic and other plastics.

Acrylic sign

Acrylic panel or sign (difference usually only in size) is appropriate in outdoor promotion for acrylic properties. Advantage of such signs assembled of thick material is their weather proofness and UV resistance. If material picked right it is possible to equip such advertising item with LED illumination.

Advertising panels manufacturing

You are not sure how to turn your idea into reality? Do you lack time or expert skills for preparation of technical drawings? Do not hesitate to contact us - we offer initial consultation to your project for free.

Acrylic panels and signs examples: