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Polycarbonate sale and processing

Solid polycarbonate (PC)

Full polycarbonate is a transparent material that is extremely impact resistant. It is a so-called shatterproof material. Due to this property, polycarbonate is widely used for the production of protective covers for working machines. Full polycarbonate sheets resemble glass or Plexiglas in appearance, but unlike these materials, polycarbonates are virtually unbreakable (tough and therefore impact-resistant).

Polycarbonate plates - trademarks:

  • EXOLON (previously MAKROLON)

Polycarbonate plates - colour

  • clear plates (transparent)
  • Smoke (bronze) plates (transparent)
  • opal plates (translucent)

Advantages of full polycarbonate:

- non-shattering material, can be cold bent, withstands higher temperatures than acrylic (permanently over 120°C)

Polycarbonate disadvantages:

- non-shattering properties are reached through high stiffness. High stiffness results in vulnerability to scratches

As standard we process and offer full polycarbonate sheets with hardened surface (for example for forestry and agricultural tractors). This treatment of the material ensures the hardness of the material surfaces and thus eliminates the negative property of the material in surface softness.

Processing technology of polycarbonate sheets:

  • Hot bending of polycarbonate - local heating
  • Hot bending of polycarbonate - flat annealing
  • CNC milling of polycarbonate sheets
  • Bonding polycarbonate with a special one-component adhesive

Sample and example of polycarbonate products:

Custom size cut polycarbonate

We provide sale and cutting of full polycarbonate to customized. You only pay for the material you actually need. We provide We also provide surface treatment of the edges after cutting. Small batches of clear polycarbonate are usually can be produced in our factory on demand.

Hollow polycarbonate roof sheets (PC)

We do not have polycarbonate in stock, it is only available on order.

Hollow polycarbonate roof sheets bear some significant thermal, insulation and stiffness properties

Polycarbonate sheets bear UV protection. This protection results in suitability for outdoor use (regardless climate conditions).

Due to its high impact resistance polycarbonate sheets provide great safety. There is no chance of shattering or fragmentation. Risk of damage during transport and installation is very low. Hollow polycarbonate roof sheets can be installed flat or cold bent.

Hollow polycarbonate roof sheets properties:

  • extreme resistance to breakage
  • high resistance to weather and climate
  • lightweight material
  • easy processing, machining and installation
  • stability of physical and mechanical properties in wide temperature range (-40 °C to +115 °C)
  • outstanding thermal insulation properties
  • can be cold bent

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