Polycarbonate sale and processing

Solid polycarbonate (PC)

Solid polycarbonate is translucent material which bears extraordinary impact resistance. It is so called non-shattering material. For its positive features it is widely used in machinery protective shields production. Solid polycarbonate sheets look much like real glass or plexiglass. In contrast to these materials polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable (stiff and impact resistant).

Common polycarbonate brands are:

  • Makrolon
  • Lexan

Standard is clear polycarbonate but various color can be supplied, e. g. opal, bronze, smoke effect. Full size of sheets is 3050mm x 2050mm.

Polycarbonate highlights:

- non-shattering material, can be cold bent, withstands higher temperatures than acrylic (permanently over 120°C)

Polycarbonate disadvantages:

- non-shattering properties are reached through high stiffness. High stiffness results in vulnerability to scratches

Custom size cut polycarbonate

We sell andcustom cut polycarbonate. You only pay for quantity of material you really need. We can also treat the edges after cutting. Small series from clear polycarbonate can be produced immediately in our warehouse - no waiting time.

Hollow polycarbonate roof sheets (PC)

Hollow polycarbonate roof sheets bear some significant thermal, insulation and stiffness properties

Polycarbonate sheets bear UV protection. This protection results in suitability for outdoor use (regardless climate conditions).

Due to its high impact resistance polycarbonate sheets provide great safety. There is no chance of shattering or fragmentation. Risk of damage during transport and installation is very low. Hollow polycarbonate roof sheets can be installed flat or cold bent.

Hollow polycarbonate roof sheets properties:

  • extreme resistance to breakage
  • high resistance to weather and climate
  • lightweight material
  • easy processing, machining and installation
  • stability of physical and mechanical properties in wide temperature range (-40 °C to +115 °C)
  • outstanding thermal insulation properties
  • can be cold bent