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Sale and processing of HPS polystyrene

HPS polystyrene

Hard polystyrene (HPS) also known as HiPS is a modified polystyrene that contains rubber. This combination makes the HPS material is characterised by its ability to withstand impact and high temperatures. HPS also has the advantage of being relatively easy to handle and reasonably priced.

Characteristic features of HPS:

  • Impact resistance: HPS is capable of withstanding impact and mechanical stresses.
  • Temperature resistance: can be used at temperatures up to 75 °C long term and 85 °C short term
  • Electrical insulation properties: HPS is suitable for electrical insulation
  • UV protection as standard

Sales of HPS boards and HPS processing options

We sell HPS boards, we also offer customized cuttings. The boards are available in approximately twenty different colours, with the most common shades being white, black and grey. These boards are available in thicknesses from 0.5 to 6 mm and can have a glossy, matt or decorative finish. We can cut, shape, machine, glue, or drill into HPS. We also provide printing and printing of HPS using our HP printing machines

Cutting and milling of HPS

We offer HPS cutting and HPS shape machining using our CNC router, according to customer requirements and supplied drawings.

Bending and forming of HPS

Bending and forming of HPS is usually done using a pre-prepared mould to ensure the angular accuracy of the material being bent.

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