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Acrylic lamps

Design lamps and light fittings

We also produce acrylic interior and exterior lighting. For lighting we use opal materials with various light transmittance. The lower light transmittance material provides, the greater diffusion there is (spot LED diodes not visible) and vice versa. It is desirable to achieve highest diffusion possible and high light transmittance at the same time to maximize lighting effect in given spaces.

We produce two types of lamps:

  • Lamps made of blown spheres (see images). These lamps are lense-like or ellipse shaped and slightly convex. These add very much aesthetics to interior spaces.
  • Milled lamps. These are milled from thick materials (cca 20mm). Material gets shaped into required design so the diodes can be attached. This secures that light is evenly distributed and optimum brightness. These lamps are very trendy and aesthetic. There is one big advantage with these lamps - they can be made in virtually any shape.

For lamp samples check our gallery below:

Didn't find what you were looking for? Do you have an idea what shape and size of luminaire would be suitable for lighting your space? Send us your suggestion, we will be happy to prepare a quotation.

Atypical light fittings

We produce made-to-order light fittings in various shapes. Only your own imagination is the limit.

  • Living room lamps
  • Office lamps and light fittings
  • retail spaces lamps and light fittings
Diodes versus light bulbs

Milled lamps and fittings mainly consist of diode modules to secure sufficient light intensity. Power source voltage of the modules is 12V.

Lenses and ellipses consist of energy saving light bulb with voltage of 230V.