Sale and processing of continuous cast acrylic

Perspex® CC - Continuous cast acrylic

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Perspex® CC is acrylic type produced with a special method of continuous casting on production belt. This method is compared to traditional method significant for stable material thickness. For this feature is Perspex® better choice for glued parts and seams than common cast acrylic. Another advantage is speed and precision with thermal forming and distinctive material look after laser engraving.

Compared to common extruded material continuous cast acrylic is characterized by better chemical resistance, stiffness and it does not overheat when machined. Its optical properties are also significantly better including laser engraving visual quality, sheet edges and optical cleanliness. There is lower surface defect rate and therefore higher surface gloss. Perspex® bears better thermal forming features. It provides better shape stability compared to extruded acrylic.

Continuous cast acrylic features compared with common cast and extruded acrylic in following chart:

Comparison of selected acrylic characteristics

Continuous cast acrylic Perspex® CC is available in wide variety of colors. For basic idea see our sampler:

Perspex® CC sampler

Perspex® CC production

We sell and custom process continuous cast acrylic Perspex® CC purchased with us. Items made o cast acrylic can be mainly found in advertising, construction and exhibition industry.

Most commonly custom manufactured Perspex® CC products for our clients are:

  • illuminated panels with engraved inscriptions
  • noise barrier walls and dividing plates
  • balcony and staircase panels
  • terrace roofing, balcony roofing
  • acrylic boat windows, acrylic RV windows
  • acrylic lamps, lamp shields, lighting
  • vacuum formed parts

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